Monday, November 7, 2011


Amongst the crowd I would see her
I would look at the time
Planning my day to be near here
Day after day I would pass her by
Trying to get a glimpse of her eye
Quietly we would go about our way
And everyday I would pray
For her to look my way
The days turned into months
But my desire grew more intense
I would ask the Lord for assistance
To plant a seed in her spirit
So her heart would feel my love
I think when will I ever know
The love another can hold
To share the gentleness of her hand
To share the tenderness of her kiss
I know I can only dream
Of running my hands through her hair
Looking deep into her eyes
Trying to connect with her mind
But no matter how long it takes
Or how long it takes to create
I know in my heart
This is the start
The journey towards eternal bliss...

Thursday, November 3, 2011


I know we live in separate worlds
But you let me dream
And you dream with me
That is so special
It's a spiritual thing
What we feel
My heart is open
It's open to you
If you could hold my heart
Then you would know how it feels
Your not a possession
That I'm sure
You are a free being
With an open spirit
And your spirit is full of love
That is why I am drawn to you
Your beautiful spirit
You never judge me
You never question my motives
Your unconditional love
Is what I adore about you
I dream of floating with you
Cause I know that would be the only place
No need for words
Only your hand I take
We would be one spirit
Dancing in each other's soul
No speech
No sight
Only our spirit
To both our delight.....

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I have this special friend
Who is close to my heart
And for a very long time
I have kept it a secret
Only recently did I reveal
The time she has been spending here
In my heart
For my thoughts are so pure
Like the light in her eyes
I hope she never gets tired
Of me saying "How lovely are Thee"
I want her to feel my heart
With her every thought
And to remember the love I have
Since we will always be apart
It will be hard keeping it inside
So no one else will know
But as long as you know it
My heart will continue to beat
A song of love for you....

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I planted the flowers in the ground
Slowly they faded away
They had no reason to root and hold
It was so dark and gray
For flowers need light
To keep them upright
Without it death is reality

As with the heart
While were apart
 Light will guide our way
Once we're together
Embracing forever
Love will be our reality..

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I was so happy when I went to bed
Such beautiful images were in my head
So much light in the day that passed
Wishing that it would always last
Why is it when we see the sun
That our days are filled with so much fun
Thinking of the sunrise
Seeing it deep in your eyes
My vision of running with you
Holding hands in the morning dew
How I love when you hold my hand
The feeling my heart understands
We frolicked and played
Throughout the whole day
Our laughter was loud
There wasn't a cloud
My mind so clear
Then appeared a small tear
For I knew in my heart
This was the start
Of something so innocent so pure
Your love would be my only cure...

Friday, September 23, 2011


As the wind from the north
Touches the skin of my soul
Cold my blood becomes
Penetrating my heart
For too long loneliness
Has kept residency in my soul
Numbing my feelings
Towards the anticipation of love
For how can another know
The emptiness of a soul
Where in time past
Enthusiasm dominated life
Only one that has traveled that path
Can know this agony of life
Life that has no intimacy
What is left in life
When there is no one who can share
The inner thoughts of your being
As the wind from the north
Enters the deep interior of my mind
Thoughts of leaving this empty life
Never to return to my home
How can one gain love
When it has been lost
In the delusional plight
Of our life
The road to bliss
Only exist
In our eternal fate
As we try to resolve
The internal mystery of life
Beyond the north wind
Will become my destiny
My love for life.....

Monday, August 29, 2011


Why do we make our life so complicated
When we look at the simplicity of children
Isn't that the way God wanted adults to be
He created man and women to share their love
To be united together as one
That is where the "Garden Of Eden" can be found
It's not a physical place to go to too visit
It's a spiritual place that reigns in our heart
The garden exist here and now
In the hearts of two individuals becoming one
The materialistic world doesn't matter
It only inflicts pain and sorrow
But until we realize this
Our garden will never bear fruit
Only the love of another can nurture life
Life can only grow in love
The love between two souls
Transcending together forever
Paradise is found in love.....