Monday, November 7, 2011


Amongst the crowd I would see her
I would look at the time
Planning my day to be near here
Day after day I would pass her by
Trying to get a glimpse of her eye
Quietly we would go about our way
And everyday I would pray
For her to look my way
The days turned into months
But my desire grew more intense
I would ask the Lord for assistance
To plant a seed in her spirit
So her heart would feel my love
I think when will I ever know
The love another can hold
To share the gentleness of her hand
To share the tenderness of her kiss
I know I can only dream
Of running my hands through her hair
Looking deep into her eyes
Trying to connect with her mind
But no matter how long it takes
Or how long it takes to create
I know in my heart
This is the start
The journey towards eternal bliss...

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